Paris Grain Day

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New regulatory framework (MIFID2) and new tools: a changing environment for investors. 

William Shikani (Merrill Lynch, USA), Jean-Loïc Begue-Turon (Caceis, France), Olivier Raevel (Euronext, France)

  • 11:20 am - WEATHER MARKET - 

 Will Black Sea face weather adversity again ?

Isaac Hankes (Reuters, USA)

  • 2:00 pm - CEREALS ROUND-TABLE -

Will plentiful supplies last forever ?

David Hightower (The Hightower Report, USA), Andrey Sizov Jr (SovEcon, Russia), Juan R.E. Gear (Gear SA, Argentina), Scott Haughton (Peter Cremer, Australia), Amr Kassem (East Med Commodities trading, Egypt), Jean-Yves Chow (Mizuho, Singapore),

  •  3:30 pm - OILSEEDS ROUND-TABLE -

How to deal with the global exploding demand  ?

 Juan R.E. Gear (Gear SA, Argentina), Olivier Bouillet (Agritel, Ukraine), Jean Yves Chow (Mizuho, Singapore), to be completed ...

  • 4:50 pm - Paris Grain Day Consensus


 What is the Paris Grain Day ?

The second edition of the Paris Grain Day will be held on 25-26 January 2018 at the hotel Le Méridien Etoile in Paris.

In addition to French operators, we recorded 30% of international customers coming from 15 countries.

Many profiles of decision-makers were attending: directors, traders, banking and insurance, industrialists, analysts and brokers.

In January 2018, you will enjoy the experience of an interactive event over 2 days:

  • A cocktail dinner to take the time to discuss about the market, on Thursday 25th
  • A day of conference with world-class experts speaking about the main drivers of the grain markets, on Friday 26th

At the end of the conference day, the audience will vote to establish the "Paris Grain Day Consensus©" which will synthesize its market opinion for the calendar year 2018.