World Export Development Forum

The International Trade Centre of the United Nations is organizing a Business-to-Business (B2B) event in partnership with the Government of Hungary  from 24 to 25 October 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. This event is organized within the framework of the ITC flagship event, the World Export Development Forum (WEDF): http://www.intracen.org/itc/events/world-export-development-forum/

For your information, the B2B will focus on the agricultural sector and more specifically on three subsectors:

  • Agricultural technologies for crop farming and oilseeds processing including machinery, integrated systems for sustainable crop farming and farm management, agricultural inputs, biotechnology and nanotechnology agricultural applications
  • Agricultural crops including products under chapters 07 to 11 of the HS system: fruits, vegetables, cereals , coffee and tea, cereals and products of the milling industry
  • Oilseeds including products under chapter 12 of the HS system: oilseeds, oleaginous fruits, seeds and fruits, industrial and medicinal plants, straw and fodder
The B2B promotional brochure and the pre-registration form can be downloaded from ITC’s website at: http://www.intracen.org/WEDF-2017-Business-to-Business-meetings-24-and-25-October-2017/

Interested companies need to fill-in the pre-registration form and send it duly filled to ITC (brodriguez@intracen.org). ITC will review the profiles of each company and confirm their participation based on the potential for business matches. Companies participating in the B2B will also have direct access to the conferences of the Forum.

Furthermore, KONINGKLIJKE VERENIGING HET COMITE van GRAANHANDELAREN’s representatives can also attend WEDF’s conferences. They can submit their pre-registration on-line at: https://wedf-registration.org/.

Participation in the conferences and in the B2B event is free of charge. Participants only need to cover their travel and accommodation expenses in Hungary.