First edition Master course Agri & Food


We can look back at a very successful first edition. The mix of renowned inspiring speakers from university and industry worked very well. Participants were challenged to link all the new insights to their own companies under close guidance by programme director Philippe Versijp. The results of all the hard work were written down in a final paper, which the participants had to present and defend before a panel of experts during the last module ‘integration’. 


Below a former participant, the president of the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Organisation and programme director reflect on the Master Course:  

Audrey Rensen – van Lijden, quality manager Cefetra group (former participant) comments:  

“The day after I presented my final assignment paper, I received the request to write about my experiences. Well, it was quite an experience… 13 months, 11 modules and a concluding assignment, all together a large amount of hours invested in this course. But it was all worth it! 

The course has been developed by The Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade association and Wageningen Academy. As participant of the course I can only say that we are really challenged to broaden and deepen our knowledge and use this to write a concluding assignment. 

Now it is about time to start the next phase – from knowing to doing: implementation of my new knowledge and the recommendations of my assignment in the company”. 


Matthé Vermeulen, president of the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Organisation:

“I am proud that the first group of the Master Course Agri & Food has graduated and that these participants have become such a strong and close group. The students of the Master Course have presented valuable final assignment papers for the companies they work for. 

We are looking forward to welcoming the new group that will start the second edition of the Master Course Agri & Food”


Philippe Versijp, programme director:

"The master course's first edition brought together an astounding amount of knowledge, from the sector - ranging from experts on specific topics to CEOs, from academia and also from the participants themselves. That knowledge has been put to good use in discussions and analysis. Multiple companies have already applied the results, which shows that the program truely provides added value. The participants are now ready for the full range of the sector's dynamics, and the journey towards that point was a pleasant one."

Next edition

Are you interested to attend this Master Course as well? The 2nd edition will start in October  2018. More information can be found here