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Public Consultation: Iberian Peninsula Country Note

GMP+ International wants your opinion about a new GMP+ Country Note regarding Iberian Peninsula.

The Andorran, Spanish and Portuguese feed industry is highly motivated to contribute to food safety. For this, Andorran, Spanish & Portuguese companies would like to use GMP+ certification. However, some GMP+ conditions have not been met yet. Therefore, a GMP+ Country Note Iberian Peninsula has been prepared.

This Country Note is part of the GMP+ FSA module. It sets specific conditions and stipulations which will enable Iberian Peninsula feed companies to participate in the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.

This draft has been prepared in close cooperation with representatives of Spanish feed companies, and with experts of the Spanish feed industry. The draft is the first result of the recently started collaboration among GMP+ International and different figures of the feed Iberian Peninsula industry. 

Public Consultation
Before finalizing and publishing this standard, and according to the decision procedure, the GMP+ Community is invited to comment on this draft before January 25th, 2019. For this, you can use our reaction form. All comments will be added to the final draft, which will be sent to our International Expert Committee.

What is a GMP+ Country Note?

A GMP+ Country Note sets certain conditions and stipulations for a specific country. After consultation and approval, the country in question can participate in the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance module, under the conditions set forth in the Country Note.

Note: Public consultation is only in English. However, once concluded the public consultation and obtained a final version of this document, this will be published in GMP+ International website in English as well as in Spanish.

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