The board of Het Comité decided to set up Het Comité MonsterOpslag en Verzendapplicatie (Het Comité Sample Storage and Shipping Application)abbreviated to COMOVA, in collaboration with the Grain Factors: Schutter, Peterson and SGS, .

From 1 February 2013, all samples sealed under standard contracts will be stored in the warehouse of Het Comité, Coenhavenweg 8 in Amsterdam. Under the auspices of Het Comité, the storage and dispatch of samples will be executed by the Grain Factors.

From 1 January 2020 the rates for the services of COMOVA are as follows:

  • Storage costs € 9,35 per sample
  • Maize samples, according to the GMP + aflatoxin protocol (GMP + BA4; §2.3 Protocol Monitoring Aflatoxin B1 in Maize and by-products from maize) € 5,50 per set of samples (in total this is for the 4 sets of samples that are taken per inland waterway vessel € 22,- per inland waterway vessel).

Sample shipping costs from Het Comité warehouse in Amsterdam:

  • Destinations within the UK € 35,20 per sample
  • Destinations outside the Netherlands/UK € 31,35 per sample
  • Destinations within the Netherlands € 8,80 per sample

The sample storage and sample delivery will, as has always been done in the past, be processed via the Grain Factors.

Grain factors can request a login code for the COMOVA website via www.comova.info> Button Contact.