Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool for footnote 1 products

To ease and harmonise the  food safety  risk assessment on pesticide residues in footnote 1 products, The Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association, MVO, Nevedi, OPNV, SecureFeed, VDDN and Vernof developed this “Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool.
Risk assessment might be necessary as MRLs do not apply to products exclusively used for feed (according to footnote 1 of EU Regulation 396/2005). "MRLs do not apply to products or part of products that by their characteristics and nature are used exclusively as ingredients of animal feed, until separate MRLs are set in the specific category". Risk assessment is harmonized within the Dutch feed sector by developing this common tool.  The input for this Excel tool is the level of the pesticide residue analyzed in the feed material. Drop-down menus contain pesticide residues most commonly found by the Dutch feed sectors and a selection of footnote 1 products. The output is whether the level poses a dietary exposure safety concern for animal or human health.
The Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool for footnote 1 products is coordinated with the Dutch food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA).

Click here for the accompanying document to the Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool for footnote 1 products. 

In 2019 the same sectors jointly developed the Pesticide guide, which describes how to handle results regarding pesticide residues in feed materials for the Dutch market (see for Pesticide guide on this site).

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